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June 24, 2008


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i have always been a fan of art or photography depicting women as strong goddess archetypes.
below is a list of images i found extremely powerful and moving:

Circle of love II by CindysArt Love is all you need... by Muse1908 Sweet lips but bitter eyes by FurtiveLungs Pure Gold by Muse1908 I hear voices... by Muse1908 :thumb26408584: - Herfateh - by Anathematixs Mother Earth by Dianae Red Queen by Dianae Poison Ivy by Dianae Pan and Selene by Dianae Lady Gaia by liiga Sunlight by liiga Ligatio by liiga Moth Diva by liiga Pele by FaerieNymph Still Life by SAB687 - by aydan-kerimli no title 32 by ABrito Goddess of the Hunt by Muse1908 Diana tames the beast by Muse1908 Heaven in a wildflower... by Muse1908 Lioness by Muse1908 Mother Earth by Muse1908 Oooh La La by Muse1908 The muse by mahirates Lady of the lake by oloferla :thumb59865074: Rain Dance by jane-mirage Hollow by liiga Never, neverland by lryiu Her Valentine by zilla774 Beloved by elfka The Mirror Pool by elfka Prokris is Dead by elfka Ophelia's Dream by elfka Day Dreaming... by TwinAngels2007 Machina: The Lover by armawolf :thumb51486440: :thumb56779905: Vapour by SAB687 DREAMS 3 by w34a return to the elements by fragilemuse-org Like statues in the Garden... by elfka :thumb55019629: beautiful emptiness by MadameSeraphine witchcraft . . . 4 by mehmeturgut symbiose by poivre Inner tears by Annie-Bertram Arachne by SAB687 ghost of the sun by MadameSeraphine Indoctrination by Karezoid :thumb17538337: Longing of a ghost by brightsoul :thumb37835305: Siren's birth by YagaK Condemned By Your Decisions by E-X-O-G-E-N Black widow of concrete by Miss--Dee Tangled Dreams by FaerieNymph The wind dancer by oloferla The Goddess by emaburns Towards the Sun by LuneBleu Escape... by Mgpsp Redemption by zemotion siren by jaxabrat XIII- Death by OdessaSawyer Sin or Salvation by saiaii Wind sower by sajlent :thumb255309: Water Lilly by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Pretender by lryiu Cave by lryiu Of the Sea by kedralynn Virgo by fragilemuse-org :thumb38131131: .:underwater:. by DanielaUhlig FRaGile Things Contest Mermaid by vitta :thumb25975254: The Angel Within by elfka The Sailors Wife by cosmosue :thumb35434580: Mhoiishi by navate Lady Fortuna by staje I can Fly by x-horizon siren 02 by al1 Spoiled by enayla Water Lily by Eireen In your grave by StygianDeath Athanati Este by AlexandraVBach send me an angel by Petrither Symphony of Darkness by alexiuss red weed brocade. by vinegar The Heart by p3p574r Walk Softly. A Dream lies here by elfka :: In my Solitude :: by NaIniE Hajieelkhe by enayla All that I loved is gone by enayla Night Fairies by VvBornOfDesirevV The melody of your demise by enayla Layers of beauty by enayla Autumn Whisperlings by enayla Fae of the Dark by enayla Eyzaathe by enayla Saydonica by jezebel FOSSIL by vizualeyez Mossy dryad girl. by PlastikStars C17 - shapeshifter by fragilemuse-org fade by fragilemuse-org - Mechanimorphosis by fragilemuse-org C17 - Sedna : Inuit Goddess by fragilemuse-org C014 - black - v02 by fragilemuse-org How She Forgot the Forest by fragilemuse-org The Weaver of Starlight 2 by WanderingBohemian Selene. by sajlent Night Of Divine Power by Maay :thumb32905283: :thumb40473890: :thumb39491541: Mera by saiaii :thumb37685922: Mera II : Mera's Magic by saiaii sleeping beauty by suzi9mm Yuki Onna by patriciabrennan I will fly again by AusraKel The Gate of Slaughter by navate Winter's Revenge by ArwensGrace :Eternally Missed: by darkbecky Goddess of Solitude pt1 by shadowgirl :thumb24320027: :thumb21363984: Earth Godess by AusraKel :thumb44366610: A Wish to Fly by FaerieNymph My Old Haunt by JenaDellaGrottaglia Necromancer by Sabrine Floating by 3dmirror until we meet again by saiaii Sirens call by JenaDellaGrottaglia Vampire by Sallow vunerable behind the shell by epiphany la lune et moi by porcelainveins Ravene by dahlig Kohtalo by dahlig Persephone by dahlig Exodus by Mizhak Hope by galefra Flirting with Sunset by Mizhak The Three Muses by acidlullaby :thumb45534649: awaiting.. by vinegar Dream your own world by lryiu Witchfinder General's Kitchen by AndyFairhurst Dark Goddess by shadowgirl Elemental Goddess -Fire by JenaDellaGrottaglia Tuille,goddess of Spring water by dareevan Elemental Goddess Water by JenaDellaGrottaglia Nor'Tir Delia_The Sea Witch by vivenaishide Little Fairy by plumy sfizohremja by Petrither elfen lied by Petrither Jelena by AlexandraVBach Macha - Mach II by StygianDeath in the wood ... by Loreena24 DREAMS 4 by w34a Koi Spirit by jagscupid :thumb41441386: :thumb34103899: In my other life by temporary-peace Spiritual wanders ... by MySweetDarkness The Girl and the Moon by ArwensGrace Moon Swimming by ArwensGrace Lady of Samhain by ArwensGrace The Sacred Marriage by ArwensGrace :thumb42778920: Mermaid Isle by IdaLarsenArt Tree Woman by IdaLarsenArt LITHA : Summer Solstice by ArwensGrace IMBOLC by ArwensGrace :thumb47633467: Isis the Goddess by tonyhough Durga - Cropped version by vkacademy Durga by btsculptor Mother Durga by kris-digitx . . . by bucz Nerea by saiaii mutation by meiuqer The Crow by IIMadhoshiII :thumb37904152: Clathrus Ruber Nymph by Dianae Deep Sea Creature by Dianae siren by hakubaikou Dream Catcher by Dianae drenched by JenaDellaGrottaglia Amber Lights by spiritsighs ..... by anaRasha Sunset over the ocean by temporary-peace Odette by patriciabrennan The Commodore by dahlig Doves by dahlig The Changling by garybonner Leaving Eden by ArwensGrace Frostar Midnight by ArwensGrace

each of these artists are incredible and well worth a watch :)
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quimabella Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Wow very nice collection
TwinAngels2007 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008
Thanks for the feature :)
rustajb Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008   Photographer
Thank you for the inclusion. This is a lovely gallery of some great work.
spiralmoon Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2008
very awesome grouping. i will have to check them all out. :)
KraziiBabii Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Great collection here :D
Ladania Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
great collection of work here ^^ definitely something to spend a good while looking at and adding a many favs and watches :P
3dmirror Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
Thank you for including me in this list! :heart:
AngelFyre32 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2008
wow...impressive list...very kewl!
drowningheart Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks so much for the feature :heart:
MySweetDarkness Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2008
Hi ! Sorry for the delay, I did not see your comment on my page :blushes:
Thank you very much for featuring my work there, I'm flattered :hug:
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